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Checklist to Buy the Right Bar Stools / Counter Stools / Kitchen Stools (3 min. Read)


Most people find this the perfect height:

height of seat top from floor = countertop height (see below) – 12 in

Stools with arms:

maximum height of arm top from floor = countertop height (see below) – 7 in

Countertop height:

Standard counter (34-36 in)

Standard bar (40-42 in)

EXCEPTION: Non-standard (an adjustable stool may be the best solution, or another option is to purchase a stool that is taller than needed and cut down the legs if the materials and style permit)


HORIZONTAL FITTING (Stool Depth-Seat Width-Number of Stools to Buy)

Stool Depth

If countertop overhang is shallow:

a stool that has a much greater depth than the overhang will stick out quite a bit from the countertop edge. Ensure that there is adequate space in traffic area behind stool to accommodate stool sticking out. Consider a stool with a smaller depth.

Seat Width

If comfort is a priority then choose 17-21 in seat width and the ones with higher depth.

Number of Stools to Buy

For stools with swivel:

number of stools = counter width ÷ (seat width + 8 in)

For stools with no swivel:

number of stools = counter width ÷ (seat width + 6 in)

*** Round It Down

*** Always consider buying an extra stool in case of damage or need for additional seating (stools may not continue to be in stock)

FUNCTIONAL FITTING (Comfort vs. Style)


If comfort is a priority choose stools:

With back

With footrest

With armrest

Fabric or leather upholstered

Padded seat or removable seat cushion

17-21 in seat width

With higher depth

That swivel


With back: Pick a stool with no back if you prefer minimalist look without the back protruding above the countertop

That swivel: Avoid stools that swivel if corbels or counter supports will cause knee bumping when turning, or, counter width is limited, or, stool back is made of a hard material and is vulnerable to bumping countertop.

Maintenance (Ease of Cleaning)

If ease of cleaning is a priority, choose among these materials:



PPM or leatherette

Stain resistant fabric

Genuine leather

Plastic or acrylic

Removable seat padding


Coordinate with Decor

If there is a lot of mid-toned wood in the space, pick a stool that is:





If the stools are highly visible from the back in the space, make a statement:

light-coloured stool/dark coloured backdrop

dark coloured stool/light coloured backdrop

stool or backdrop adds a pop of colour

stool has dramatic shape or pattern/backdrop is simple

stool is simple/backdrop has dramatic shape or pattern

for décor inspiration, check our Pinterest Boards.

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