F A Qs

Does YOUR have a brick and mortar store?

YOUR does not have physical brick and mortar stores and does not maintain any physical inventory. YOUR sells products directly and provides an online storefront for sellers who sell their products through our website.


Do you send any confirmation emails? 

You will receive two emails, one immediately after you place your order and one when the goods are dispatched. You must give a valid email to receive these notifications. If it has been a while since your order has been placed and you still haven't received a confirmation email in your inbox then please check your spam/junk folders as it is possible they may have landed there instead. If you have checked and still haven't received a confirmation email after 24 hours then contact us.


I wish to place an order for a large quantity of items, can I get a discount? 

For orders of a high quantity we can indeed offer a discount. Please email at [sales@YourBarStools.ca] the products you want to order, the quantities of each and the location where you require the order to be delivered. We shall then reply with an accurate quote and lead-time for delivery.


I won't be home when my order will be delivered. What can I do?

If there will be no one at home for delivery please leave a note on the front door advising the courier to leave the parcel with a neighbor or elsewhere around the property (porch or garden etc.). 


Why is it that the colour is not exactly as shown on your website or in your catalogue?

When it comes to product shots, we strive to take photos that are as representative of the actual color as possible. However, there are a number of variables involved when it comes to true color representation, including lighting, camera used, camera settings, the color being photographed, etc. Furthermore, the color you see on your computer screen can vary depending on your monitor settings or the monitor itself.