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Don’t Make the Same Mistakes! No.1 (1 min. read)

The truth is that counters and stools aren’t as standardized as dining room tables and chairs. There’s a lot to consider when picking counter or bar stools. Read this series to get to know about the common mistakes done even by some professional designers so, you won’t make the same mistakes!



Stools Are Too High or Too Low

One of the most common mistakes. When the stool is too low you might feel like Judge Judy sitting at a counter that is too high. Or, the stool is too high and there’s no room to cross your legs under the counter.


How would you end up like that?

Apparently, there is mismatch between the stool choice and the counter height. So,

  • Either you got a counter stool for your bar height counter (standard 42” high)
  • Or you got a bar stool for your standard counter (usually 36” high)
  • There might be a third option happening where either of those are NOT standard height (neither your counter or the stool you got).


This mismatch is easy to prevent. First off, start with measuring the height of the counter. A good rule of thumb is that the seat of the stool should be 12 inches below the underside of the counter. Be aware that seat height will be lower than expected if the seat has soft padding.


Also, product names can be misleading. More often than not, bar stool term will be used for both. Do not think that any “counter stool” or “bar stool” will match your counter or home bar.


The best way to hack nonmatching standards is to choose an adjustable stool that falls within the right seat height range.


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