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Don’t Make the Same Mistakes! No.6 (2 min. read)


Counter stools do not go with the decor of the room


Stools for the counter should match the rest of the room's decor. Let's have a look at some design principles that can help with this.



If your counter stools will be seen from critical sightlines, choose ones with a lot of visual impact. Concentrate on what you see when you enter or sit down, rather than what you view as you go through a room.

If counter stools are less visible, focus on comfort and utility.


Overall Design

In general, you'll want a counter stool that blends in with the rest of the decor in the space. Examples of interior design styles include modern, traditional, mid-century, and industrial.

Many rooms are a jumble of different styles. Avoid counter stools that conflict with the room's design unless you're trying to make a statement.


Open Room Concepts

It can be more difficult to choose counter stools for an open concept environment. The counter stool should match the flooring, kitchen finishes, dining room furniture and finishes (if applicable), and living room furniture and finishes in terms of style, colour, and material (if applicable).



Contrast is one of the most important components of design. A bit of positive contrast is helpful when counter stools are prominent. Here are some suggestions for increasing contrast:

Consider basic, clean-lined chairs for a patterned, textured, or aesthetically busy island or peninsula.

For islands or peninsulas that are neutral, consider stools with a dash of colour or a sophisticated pattern.

For a dark peninsula, light-colored or light-toned stools are a good choice.

If your island or peninsula is light, consider dark-colored or toned stools.

For a setting with a lot of wood, consider metal, fabric, leather, or plexiglas stools.

To give some softness to a room with a lot of harsh surfaces, use stools with fabric, leather, or cushioning.

Take notice of how often contrast is employed in the photos of kitchen counter stools that you like.

Several counter stool options can be seen on our Pinterest board.

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