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5 Ways To Add Feng Shui to Your Dining Room

5 Ways To Add Feng Shui to Your Dining Room

“Feng shui” is an ancient Chinese concept that involves arranging spaces for optimal energy flow. Interior designers have been using this practice for generations. Color, placement, and room dimensions all work together to create a harmonious environment.

Communal eating spaces should have healthy, positive energy to encourage togetherness. If you want to add feng shui to your Canadian dining room, make sure it has these elements.

1. Let Energy Flow Around Furniture

Your furniture placement influences your dining room’s energy flow. You have to arrange your tables and chairs in a way that doesn’t obstruct chi movement. In more physical terms, your aim is to create a sense of smooth movement in your space.

Put your dining room furniture in the center of the room. Position your table and chairs at an angle rather than parallel to the walls. This way, energy can move in a curving motion around your furniture instead of hitting corners.

2. Be Strategic About Seating

When it comes to harmonious dining rooms, the right seating arrangement can make a huge difference. In feng shui, “strong” positions encourage empowerment, while “weak” ones evoke insecurity.

Position the head seat as far away from any doors as possible. The back of this chair should face a solid wall, with plenty of view of the entire room. If you can, avoid facing chair backs towards any doors or windows.

3. Choose Calming Colors

Energy flow isn’t just about furniture arrangements; your color palate plays a role in the overall atmosphere. That’s why another way to add feng shui to your dining room is to keep color in mind.

Choose shades that reduce overstimulation. Blues, pastels, and earth tones have calming effects that can improve your dining room’s energy. Make sure your chairs, wall colors, and accessories fit this serene color theme.

4. Select Strong, Sturdy Chairs

You want to add elements to your dining room that showcase strength and stability. A solid wood table is a great way to ground your room’s energy. However, the wrong chairs will undermine this stable momentum.

Choose modern dining chairs with strong, rounded backs. Arrange your chairs in groups of six or eight, depending on your family size. These numbers symbolize luck and prosperity in Chinese culture and are integral to creating a positive atmosphere.

5. Accessorize With Healing Elements

You might think applying feng shui to your dining room means decorating minimally. However, you can still have fun with accessories; you just need to use them strategically.

Plants make excellent dining room accessories. You could also create a beautiful table arrangement out of fruit. Every well-balanced dining room also has a mirror that reflects the table and all of your merry guests.

Add Feng Shui to Your Dining Room With Your Bar Stools

As you can see, chairs play an important role in energy flow. Your Bar Stools Canada has everything you need to add feng shui in style. Your dining room is just a chair away from feeling harmonious.

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