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Don’t Make the Same Mistakes! No.5 (1 min. read)


Buying Too Many or Too Few Counter Stools


Too Many 

The number of chairs that can be accommodated in a kitchen is usually determined by the available space. You'll need adequate room between stools to sit or stand, in addition to the width of the actual stool. If the stool swivels, you'll need more area to accommodate knees as the seat rotates sideways. To figure out how many stools you have room for, use (Checklist to Buy the Right Bar Stools / Counter Stools / Kitchen Stools).


Too Few

If you're undecided about how many stools to buy, go with the higher number. You might come across the ideal stool and purchase three of them. You run the risk of being disappointed if you decide to add a fourth later. Many open-stock counter or bar stools sell out at the most inopportune times.


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