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Don’t Make the Same Mistakes! No.2 (3 min. read)


Counter Stools are Uncomfortable

You'd be shocked how many people regret purchasing unsuitable stools.

Do you see yourself having a short five-minute coffee at your counter? Maybe you'll perch there while you check your mail? If that's the case, comfort may not be an issue.

But what if your kids do their homework at the kitchen island, or, your guests sipping cocktails and nibbling on appetizers while you finish up dinner? Make comfort a priority if you wish to sit for longer periods of time.

Choose stools with a touch of cushion in the seat and back for added comfort. Especially if some members of the family or visitors have less "built-in padding." Here are several possibilities:

Padding and Upholstery

Choose padded and upholstered stools! if spills are a concern, choose wipe-able materials such as PPM fabric, genuine leather, acrylic or add detachable seat pads: many can be washed and replaced if necessary. Also, keep in mind that fabric (with the appropriate content) is more comfortable in hot, humid, or frigid environments.


Unless your counter has a built-in footrest, you’ll want to pick a stool with a footrest. See the Falcon Ana counter stool photo for an example of a built-in (brass finish) footrest. Unlike a dining room chair, most people will not be able to rest their feet on the ground when sitting on a counter stool. People tend to feel uneasy when their feet dangle, so a footrest is a must for comfort.

Stool Back

Backless stools do have their merits. They’re perfect for the minimalist look, and they tuck nicely under the counter too. But if comfort is a priority, you’ll want a stool with a back. For relaxed lounging, a backless stool won’t cut it. Eiffel Stools provide the perfect ergonomic angle to support your back.

Seat Size

There is no tactful way to say this. Bums should be matched to seats. Seats that are larger and deeper are more comfortable for most adults. However, if your countertop overhang is shallow, a deep seat will cause knees to rub against the underside. A too-deep seat may also cause the stool to extend too far back from the countertop edge—especially if there is a passageway. And if your countertop width is narrow, fewer wide stools will fit along that space.



Swivelling is a feature that can improve comfort by allowing individuals to move around while sitting in a relaxed manner. Some drawbacks include the fact that swivelling stools take up more space along a narrow tabletop, and see mistake #4.

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