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Don’t Make the Same Mistakes! No.3 (1 min. read)


Counter Stools are Not Child-Friendly

You're doing something like unloading the dishwasher or slicing vegetables. At the kitchen island, your children are having breakfast or completing schoolwork. The key to creating a family-friendly kitchen is selecting seating that is appropriate for children.

But what if your kids do their homework at the kitchen island, or, your guests sipping cocktails and nibbling on appetizers while you finish up dinner? Make comfort a priority if you wish to sit for longer periods of time.

Choose stools with a touch of cushion in the seat and back for added comfort. Especially if some members of the family or visitors have less "built-in padding." Here are several possibilities:

Seat with Back

Children frequently prefer stools with backs. Having a seat back appears to provide some anchoring, especially for squirming small children. There is, however, a fourth error, as you will see.



When the seats are well-padded, kids, in my experience, tend to sit longer. As adults, we forget that children's behinds are usually less cushioned. If the goal is to motivate students to finish their homework or eat full meals, cushioning might be a good option.

Of fact, children usually mean messes and spills. Alternatives to upholstered furniture that are more child-friendly include:

Dark and/or patterned materials, wipe-able leather, imitation leather (often known as "vegan leather"), or a detachable seat pad are all options. PPM fabric is a stain-resistant fabric that is ideal for use in a common room by people of various ages.




Most kids love to sit on stools with a swivel. But, watch for mistake #4. 


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