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    The key to a gorgeous patio is high-quality furniture. Learning how to clean your outdoor wood furniture will protect you from the dangers of a dirty deck.
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    Your kitchen is the perfect place to get creative with furniture. Learn about different trendy bar stool styling ideas to make your kitchen pop.
  • 5 Advantages of Bar Stools for Your Home

    Even if you don’t have a bar in your house, a high-quality set of bar stools can turn your home into an inviting space for entertaining guests and family.
  • Checklist to Buy the Right Bar Stools / Counter Stools / Kitchen Stools (3 min. Read)

    VERTICAL FITTING (Stool Height) Most people find this the perfect height: height of seat top from floor = countertop height (see below) – 12 in S...
  • Don’t Make the Same Mistakes! No.6 (2 min. read)

    #6 Counter stools do not go with the decor of the room   Stools for the counter should match the rest of the room's decor. Let's have a look at som...
  • Don’t Make the Same Mistakes! No.5 (1 min. read)

    #5 Buying Too Many or Too Few Counter Stools   Too Many  The number of chairs that can be accommodated in a kitchen is usually determined by the ...
  • Don’t Make the Same Mistakes! No.4 (1 min. read)

    #4 Swivel Stool Back Smashes Against Counter Edge Do you have any customers who are upset at your counter? We do, in fact. In that case, pairin...