Outdoor Wicker Dining Chairs Salvatore

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Dimensions: Seat H 18" - H 33" W 19" D 22"

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Outdoor Wicker Dining Chairs Salvatore - Your Bar Stools Canada
Outdoor Wicker Dining Chairs Salvatore
Regular price $425.70
Sale price $731.50

Outdoor Wicker Dining Chairs

Introducing the Salvatore Outdoor Wicker Dining Chairs - the perfect blend of elegance and functionality. Crafted with durable wicker and timeless teak, these chairs are the ultimate addition to your outdoor dining experience. Enhance your backyard gatherings with the sophistication of Salvatore.

Salvatore Wicker Dining Room Chairs

Elevate your dining experience with the Salvatore Wicker Dining Chairs. Featuring a stunning range of rattan dining chairs, this collection is designed to bring both style and comfort to your home.

Whether you're looking for a classic rattan dining chair for indoor use or outdoor rattan dining chairs that can withstand the elements, the Salvatore collection has you covered. Our rattan chairs are crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and elegance in every piece.

The collection also includes versatile wicker dining room chairs and wicker dining chair options, perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to your dining space. For those who prefer a cozy kitchen setup, our wicker kitchen chairs are an ideal choice, combining functionality with timeless design.

Discover the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary style with the Salvatore Wicker Dining Chairs collection. Transform your dining area into a haven of comfort and sophistication today.

Rustic Elegance in Modern Rattan Chairs

Discover the perfect blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication with our exclusive Rustic Elegance in Modern Rattan Chairs. Our selection of rattan back dining chairs and rattan kitchen chairs brings natural warmth and texture to any dining space.

Indulge in the beauty of craftsmanship with our rattan dining chairs Canada. Each piece is meticulously designed to offer both style and comfort. Whether you're looking for a modern rattan chair to complement your contemporary decor or the timeless appeal of cane dining chairs, we have something for every taste.

Our collection also features exquisite woven dining chairs and woven chairs, crafted from high-quality materials to ensure durability and elegance. The intricate patterns of our woven dining chair designs add a touch of artistry to your dining area, making every meal a special occasion.

Proudly showcasing our rattan furniture Toronto offerings, this collection is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Transform your dining space with the rustic elegance and modern flair of our curated pieces. Experience the unmatched beauty and functionality of our dining seating options today.

Wicker Dining Chairs Outdoor for Small Spaces

Small teak outdoor dining chairs is a teak wood frame and natural cane wicker seat and backrest patio dining chair for your indoor and outdoor dining sets. Expressing the more elegant side of coastal style and a sleek Scandinavian modern design, Small Outdoor Chairs Salvatore brings contemporary and modern look to your indoor and outdoor dining sets. Small Outdoor Chairs Salvatore's top quality teak wood frame coupled with natural woven cane seat and backrest come together in a slender design involving only what’s crucial to the construction for striking artistic contrast, making a fashion-forward statement in any modern interior.

Salvatore Outdoor Dining Chair is a contemporary cane dining chair that instantly updates any indoor or outdoor patio dining sets with its fresh minimalist style. Its refined design features clean lines and chic angles crafted with the beauty of fine luxurious natural cane and top quality teak wood. You may as well review our full collection of patio table and chairs to see more options in teak.

Outdoor Chairs for Small Spaces

Outdoor Chairs Small

Salvatore outdoor chairs for small spaces and designed to last and look great in your commercial food service location for modern and contemporary impact as they are elevated wicker rattan indoor and outdoor chairs for small spaces.

Highly skillful use of wood workmanship of sturdy tenon and mortise joints; finger joinery construction. Salvatore Outdoor Dining Chair is marine-grade hardware. Salvatore Outdoor Dining Chair wooden outdoor dining chairs are finely sanded, smooth finish and they are weather, sun, water, rot, and termite-resistant.

As an outdoor wicker natural cane dining chair, Small Outdoor Chairs Salvatore uses woven natural cane as rattan material. Although it can suit any home type, cane is particularly popular for outdoor living as it has an immense ability to resist any climate change and is water resistant and rust proof. Only top brands in Europe and the US choose woven natural cane wicker in their indoor and outdoor dining and seating sets.


Useful Tips

Outdoor Wicker Dining Chairs Salvatore is suitable for both, indoor and outdoor, but residential use only. Contains both modern/contemporary Coastal and the Scandinavian styling features.

Teak wood's high oil content makes it water resistant, hence perfect choice for outdoor and patio furniture. Cultivated and Sustainable Indonesian (A) Grade Teak Wood is the premium center cut of the teak timber from mature teak trees, and offers a consistent look without knots, discolouration, or other unwanted variations.

Indonesian Grade [A] Teak Wood is the most eco-friendly teak furniture in the world because teak plantations strictly managed by the government to harvest for the sole purpose of manufacturing, which is reforested and government regulated. Indonesian teak Furniture is the only teak furniture that the Rain Forest Alliance and Friends of the Earth certify.

One of the greatest benefits of teak is its low maintenance. You can essentially just set it wherever you’d like and not think twice about it. When getting them ready for the season, we recommend giving it a light cleaning by simply applying a very mild soapy water solution with a sponge or soft-bristled brush and then hosing it off. To get rid of grease spots left behind by dirty fingers, grab a degreasing agent and apply it with a sponge or soft brush and then rinse with clean water.

Both rattan and cane derive from the rattan plant. Cane is the thinner material that results from the process of stripping the rattan plant.

Except for being stunning, there are several other reasons to opt for furniture made out of cane, rattan, or wicker. They give a light and airy feeling to the room. It's eco-friendly and complements environmentally-friendly interior design and architecture. They allow sound and signal to penetrate cabinet doors, which is excellent if you want to hide less-desirable-looking cable boxes, routers, sound bases. They are lightweight and are excellent material to use in kids' rooms.

With reasonable care, attention, and use, your cane-seated chair should last from 5-25 years.

The number one tip for keeping cane and other natural material looking good is to keep it clean, free from dust, and grime. You can usually get away with just using a dampened cloth to dust it off, but if it's dirty, you can use wood soap or a mild detergent in warm water to clean it. Make sure not to use too much water, and dry it properly to prevent it from sagging. Cane, rattan, and wicker are very durable material, so don't worry too much about the upkeep.



Woven Natural Cane - Seat and Backrest


Indonesian Grade [A] Solid Teak Wood Natural Finish - Base

Outdoor Wicker Dining Chairs Salvatore

H 33" W 19" D 22" Seat H 18"


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