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5 Easy Ways To Update Your Kitchen Space

5 Easy Ways To Update Your Kitchen Space

People spend a lot of time in their kitchen making meals and reconnecting with loved ones. Doing these things in style makes the experience so much better!

Every Canadian home deserves an attractive, functional space to eat and be merry. Explore these easy ways to update your kitchen space with new stools and other cool design ideas.

Refresh Your Kitchen Stools

The best kitchens are the ones with cozy and functional seating. If your chairs creak, have damage, or are otherwise uncomfortable, you need to refresh your kitchen stools.

Opting for chairs with high backs can add some much-needed support. You can also try adding cushions with fun patterns for some extra padding; however, purchasing new kitchen stools could be just what you need.

Revamp Your Kitchen Island

Many people think that kitchen islands are just for food prep and storage. In reality, this is prime real estate for seating and décor!

Adding stools for kitchen islands will give you more space to grab a quick bite and have a conversation. Spruce up the area even further by designing an island centerpiece with flowers, vases, chalkboards, and other decorations you have on hand.

Create More Seating Space

Do you have an awkward, unoccupied corner of your kitchen that you don’t know what to do with? If so, use this area to create more seating space for your friends and family!

Start your day off the right way in your new breakfast nook. All you need to design this kitchen feature is a small table, a few cute chairs (courtesy of Your Bar Stools), and some relaxing décor. We recommend building your new breakfast nook near a window to have the perfect spot to enjoy your morning cup of coffee.

Don’t Forget About the Bar

Another easy way to update your kitchen space is by focusing on your bar. You can elevate this area by adding some overhead lighting and some tall swivel chairs for a trendy, modern style.

You could also transform this space into a coffee and beverage bar for everyone to enjoy! Choosing some comfortable seating and unique glassware will bring your bar to life. Display your mixers and garnishes in glass jars to create a more luxurious experience.

Replace Outdated Elements

Perform a quick scan of your kitchen; do you see any dull, outdated elements? If you answered “yes,” replacing these features is just what you need to give your space a makeover.

For a sleek and sophisticated look, we suggest replacing your leaky faucets, loose cabinet handles, and antiquated design elements with stainless steel hardware. To fully integrate your new kitchen stools into your overall kitchen revamp design, we recommend adding a backsplash with a color palette similar to your new stools.

Your Canadian kitchen will look amazing after making these simple renovations. No matter your style or space, Your Bar Stools has something for every home. Shop our collections and revamp your kitchen with ease!

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