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What To Know When Cleaning Your Outdoor Wood Furniture

What To Know When Cleaning Your Outdoor Wood Furniture

Every Canadian patio needs a beautiful set of outdoor furniture. Wooden tables and chairs are wonderful additions that will tie everything together. With the right maintenance routine, you can extend the life of your furniture and keep it in good condition.

However, you should know that cleaning your outdoor wood furniture is different than other materials. Mother Nature can leave your accessories worse for wear. If you want your deck to look great through every season, keep reading!

Start With a Light Cleaning

Your outdoor furniture doesn’t always need deep scrubbing. If you stick with a consistent maintenance plan, you’ll only need to do a bit of work. Start with a light cleaning before breaking out the heavy-duty tools.

Dampen a soft cloth and wipe everything down. You can use a gentle soap to tackle stubborn stains. Once you’ve taken care of surface-level dirt and debris, you can better understand what you’re working with.

Be Careful With Products

Lumber can be sensitive to certain tools and products. This is especially true if it has sealants and waxes protecting furniture from the elements. Don’t use harsh cleaning chemicals on your wooden tables and chairs. These products can strip them of their protective qualities.

Also, be wary of using abrasive tools to scrub away stains. Scrub with the grain to avoid scratching surfaces. If you have to, you can sand out tough spots, but do so gently so that you don’t damage the material.

Keep Things Dry

Water is wooden outdoor furniture’s worst enemy. Allowing things to remain wet encourages mold and mildew growth. It may also warp wood, cause discoloration, and weaken your furniture’s integrity.

Therefore, don’t clean your patio furniture with an overly soaked rag. And after wiping things down, make sure to dry all wooden surfaces thoroughly. Consider installing a patio roof, posting umbrellas, or using furniture covers to protect your wood from rain and snow.

Weather Resistance Is Your Friend

You’ll probably see the words “weather resistance” on many outdoor pieces of furniture. This isn’t a gimmick; you want patio sets that withstand everything nature throws at them.

Your Bar Stools Canada creates wood patio chairs, chairs, and other furniture pieces with weather resistance. UV rays, mold, and corrosion don’t stand a chance against our products. Cleaning your outdoor wood furniture is easy with high-quality pieces like these that protect themselves.

Now that you know how to care for your wooden furniture, you can feel secure in your investment. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!

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